One Day intro to Craniosacral Therapy


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This one day intro to our  Craniosacral Biodynamics training will introduce you to the natural forces that inform this work,  the history of its development as well as some of its essential skills. You will get a taste of what our full training offers while gaining understandings and skills that can support your choosen profession.

In our culture, we are taught to think of life as static, but life and the human body as an expression of that life are and have always been dynamic, alive and in motion.
Did you know that the forces that can facilitate healing are the same forces that shaped you in your earliest days?
Biodynamic practitioners are trained to make relationships with these ever-present forces and amplify their healing capacity. They are taught to be informed and present for the client, appreciating the inherent order in the client’s body, while skillfully supporting the re-ordering of any disturbance or disorder.