Welcome to the School of Inner Health 

 “The same forces that made us are still making us.”
~Margaret Rosenau
“The forces that generate healing are the same forces that made the body at its beginning, and they are always present within the system.”
~David Ridinger

The School of Inner Health is a holistic educational organization committed to quality instruction in a supportive, relational, and dynamic environment. Our classes are body centered, diverse and experiential. All our courses are taught from a biodynamic perspective.

Biodynamics is first and foremost an orientation to that which is always well and whole within us. Biodynamic practitioners know that this wholeness, which we commonly call “Health” or “Intelligence,” is dynamic and alive: a living presence within us and around us always. This aliveness is not just Intelligent but also capable of dialogue, timing and relationship. We were originally formed out of this field of alive Intelligence and continue to live in and be shaped by it every moment. Practitioners learn to perceive and support these deeper original forces of Health in ourselves and others, creating the conditions that allow for Health to flourish. We do not deny or turn away from dis-ease; rather, Biodynamics supports challenges by holding them within a larger field of Health.

Are you a bodyworker looking for CEUs? We have a variety of CEU courses to meet your interests and needs.

Do you work with trauma and want to deepen your skills and effectiveness? Our Neurodynamics course is for you.

Interested in Craniosacral Biodynamics? Explore our Intro courses and the full Certification Training.

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Margaret teaches with confidence, patience, and a presence that makes it easy to learn difficult concepts. Her knowledge shines through and inspires me to learn more, delve deeper, and trust the dynamic process of this beautiful work.


Absorbing even one lecture of Margaret’s practical knowledge is like soaking in gold. She is a straightforward and grounded wife and mother and her presence in my life has permanently changed my own relationships. In an age of struggle and ego, I can now say I am strong enough to give my best self to my loved ones each day. I have the deepest gratitude for her tools and mentorship.


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