A Revolutionary Education in Health

At the School of Inner Health, all our courses are taught from a biodynamic perspective. This means the underlying basis for the work we teach is a continual dialogue with the inherent life force found in all living beings. Our students learn to make contact with this life force and respond to it.

Our mission at the School of Inner Health is to provide high-quality, body-centered instruction that supports students to facilitate healing in themselves, others, and the world. We teach students how to develop embodied biodynamic skills of presence and relationship with the aim of cultivating both effective practitioners of bodywork and effective people in the world.

Our greater vision is a world where people live in alignment with their purpose and essential nature, a world where all life is valued and all perspectives and opinions are welcomed.

Our educational strategy is to:

  • Offer an authentic, supportive and diverse learning environment in which students are immersed in a relational field rather than a demand-driven field.
  • Teach the material in a way that it is embodied, includes the felt sense and builds confidence.
  • Assist students in shifting their attention and perception from dis-ease to the primacy of the Health and Intelligence that is always present in themselves and in their clients.
  • Teach the skills necessary to create capacity, connection and comprehension, and help clients turn their wounds into tools that can be of service to others.
  • Train students to cultivate presence — the capacity to be with whatever is present no matter how challenging — through the skill of neutral, body-centered awareness.
  • Honor the depths of what students already understand and structure all our classes to help them access the depths of their instinctual wisdom.

At the School of Inner Health, we seek to embody what we teach through living, to the best of our ability, our core principles and values:

  1. We seek to create and maintain Inner Health at every level of our organization. We know that health precedes disease and is immutable, and we bring that knowing into all our classes and decisions.
  2. We engage with each other with integrity and honesty.
  3. We practice direct and respectful communication.
  4. We value everyone’s perspective and remain open to new ideas. We strive to create and maintain a safe environment and relational field where all feelings are welcome and everyone’s opinion is heard.
  5. We teach our courses from the inside out, focusing on the felt sense and knowing the material through our own bodies.
  6. We grow our business from the inside out, valuing the unique classes we offer and seeking to share them with our community and our niche markets.
  7. In all our actions and decisions we strive for mutual support and cooperation. Each person on the staff team, and each student in a class, agrees to contribute to the well-being of the whole, and does what s/he can to support it. All members of a team or class agree to cooperate and support the stated goals.
  8. In all our actions and decisions we strive for mutual respect and appreciation. Each person is treated with respect and appreciated for their gifts. Efforts are made in school administration to have people take on responsibilities and roles that they can flourish in. Efforts are made in teaching the course material to appreciate different learning styles and support student needs and excitement with assigned material.
  9. We teach to share knowledge, build skills and instill confidence in those skills.
  10. Each person is empowered to take care of their own needs in a classroom setting. Each team member is empowered in their domain to create and execute goals in alignment with the principles, strategy, mission and vision of the school.
  11. We take responsibility for our mistakes and work to use them as growth opportunities.
  12. We consciously maintain a relationship with the Intelligent Presence in all of Life.
  13. Our actions reflect our values for each other, the school environment and the community.


A biodynamic approach to healing has several distinguishing elements. The most notable is that Health is primary, that whatever challenge is occurring, it is smaller than a larger supportive field of Health. This differs greatly from the western medical model which is focused on finding disease. As Andrew Taylor Still said, “It is the object of a physician to find health; anyone can find disease.”

But when we are truly practicing from a biodynamic perspective, we don’t find Health. We already know that Health exists. Every cell in our bodies, every drop of fluid, every breath knows this truth. Health is unerring, innate and immutable. It is our essential well-being, an Intelligence that moves both within us and around us, and is in each of us and all of life.

When we make contact with this Intelligence, we make contact with aliveness — an aliveness that is ancient and consistent in every form it takes, an ever-unfolding impulse.

When we recognize the Health and Intelligence in another, we see in ways that we cannot otherwise. When we see in this way and make contact in this way, we amplify the Health in both the other and ourselves.

And herein lies another tenant of the biodynamic paradigm, that we as practitioners are neutral, informed and present to the Health in another. In order to do this, we cultivate these same qualities in ourselves. Our goal is not to be perfect, but rather authentic, able to recognize where we are and where we are not in any moment. We know safety and support, health and disease first in ourselves and then resonate with and recognize these in another. In order to know what these qualities are, we also have to know what they are not. This is one of the ways the felt sense is essential to our work. When we are present biodynamically, we are using all our senses, including the sense of something we recognize at the deepest level of our being.

In a biodynamic approach to healing, we see and know and feel and listen in ways and places that set us apart from the world around us. And by doing so, we give our clients the gift of being able to disengage from the fast pace of the modern world and its challenges. With knowing and intention and the capacity to rest in a slower place, a biodynamic practitioner guides clients to return to a place within themselves that is as old as the ground we stand on, that moves and has always moved with Intelligence and Purpose — a place that can be still and know, a place that has no urgency, and a time that doesn’t need to be remembered because it is and has always been whole.


About the Owner, Margaret Rosenau, MA, RCST, SEP, APP:

Margaret has owned the School of Inner Health since 2016 and has over 20 years of experience as a somatic bodyworker and educator. She is passionate about life, what makes a life worth living, and cultivating the relationships and meaning to live life well. She is a gifted teacher. Margaret doesn’t hold back what she has to offer and saturates her students with knowledge. Her goal is to empower her students, not have them see her as powerful. In fact, Margaret recognizes that anything she knows comes from something bigger, and she acts as a conduit for letting that something bigger come through into the room and meet every student where they are able to hear / see / learn.

Margaret is an approved teacher for the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America, (CSTA-NA). She has been a Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST®) since 2003. She maintains a private practice in Boulder and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

In addition to her Craniosacral Therapy credentials, Margaret is a Somatic Experiencing® practitioner (2002), Pre and Perinatal Therapist (2004) and Polarity Therapist (1998) .  She also holds a Master’s Degree in Gerontology. (University of Southern California, 2012.)

Margaret’s extensive training and experience has given her the capacity to recognize and amplify health and resiliency and help people  access their strengths and be strengthened by their challenges. Margaret provides her students at the School of Inner Health with the support, tools and inspiration to be present, informed and skilled practitioners of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

Our  Craniosacral Instructor

Margaret Rosenau
Director / Craniosacral Intstructor

Margaret Rosenau MA, BCST, RCST®, SEP, APP. , has over 20 years of experience as a somatic bodyworker and educator. She has traveled both the external world of our planet and the internal world of her body extensively. She is passionate about life, what makes a life worth living, and cultivating the relationships and meaning to live life well. She is a gifted teacher. Margaret doesn’t hold back what she has to offer. She saturates her students with knowledge. She’s really open to sharing what she knows. She wants to empower her students, not just have them see her as powerful.

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