About Us

The School of Inner Health is a holistic educational organization committed to quality instruction in a supportive, relational, and dynamic environment. Our classes are body centered, diverse and experiential. All our courses are taught from a biodynamic perspective. You can learn more about the biodynamic theory and approach here.

Our mission at the School of Inner Health is to provide high-quality, body-centered instruction that supports students in facilitating healing in themselves and others. We teach students how to develop embodied biodynamic skills of presence and relationship with the aim of cultivating both effective practitioners of bodywork and people capable of recognizing and interacting with the living world both inside and outside the body. Our approach supports the cultivation and maintainance of a relationship to the living world of the body and the living world of our planet.

Our greater vision is a world where all life is valued and able to co-exist in relationship, where the sustainability of life is the focus and priority.

Our educational strategy is to:

  • Offer an authentic, supportive and diverse learning environment in which students are immersed in a relational field rather than a demand-driven field.
  • Teach the material in a way that it is embodied, includes the felt sense and builds confidence.
  • Assist students in shifting their attention and perception from dis-ease to the primacy of the Health and Intelligence that is always present.
  • Teach the practitioner skills necessary to re-member capacity, re-vitalize connection and welcome the inherent wisdom in each body to guide the inherent healing process.
  • Train students to cultivate presence — the capacity to be with whatever is present no matter how challenging — through the skill of compassionate, knowledgeable body-centered awareness.
  • Honor the depths of what students already know and structure all our classes to help them access the depths of their knowing and confidence.

We seek to embody what we teach through living, to the best of our ability, our core principles and values:

  1. We seek to create and maintain Inner Health at every level of our organization. We know that health precedes disease and is immutable, and we bring that knowing into all our classes and decisions.
  2. We engage with each other with integrity and honesty.
  3. We practice direct and respectful communication.
  4. We value everyone’s perspective and remain open to new ideas. We strive to create and maintain a safe environment and relational field where all feelings are welcome and everyone’s opinion is heard.
  5. We teach our courses from the inside out, focusing on the felt sense and knowing the material through our own bodies.
  6. We grow our business from the inside out, valuing the unique classes we offer and seeking to share them with our community and our niche markets.
  7. In all our actions and decisions we strive for mutual support and cooperation. Each person on the staff team, and each student in a class, agrees to contribute to the well-being of the whole, and does what s/he can to support it. All members of a team or class agree to cooperate and support the stated goals.
  8. In all our actions and decisions we strive for mutual respect and appreciation. Each person is treated with respect and appreciated for their gifts. Efforts are made in school administration to have people take on responsibilities and roles that they can flourish in. Efforts are made in teaching the course material to appreciate different learning styles and support student needs and excitement with assigned material.
  9. We teach to share knowledge, build skills and instill confidence in those skills.
  10. Each person is empowered to take care of their own needs in a classroom setting. Each team member is empowered in their domain to create and execute goals in alignment with the principles, strategy, mission and vision of the school.
  11. We take responsibility for our mistakes and commit to using them as growth opportunities.
  12. We strive to consciously maintain a relationship with the Intelligent Presence in all of Life.
  13. Our actions reflect our values for each other, the school environment and the community.

“Margaret generously shares her deep wisdom and knowledge from a grounded and embodied place. She holds a sacred space that allows her students to receive the work in their own, unique way.”



Even if you just took the Biodynamic Craniosacral  training for personal growth alone, it would be worth every penny.


My experience of Margaret and one of the many things I value is that she teaches from a place of authenticity and personal experience. She communicates her depth of knowledge and experience in a clear, simple and yet often profound manner. In supervision her skills of perception are very keen and she has an exquisite way of supporting me as a student by challenging me to deepen my own skills of perception in such a way that I can receive it and integrate it with ease.

RD, Colorado Springs, CO