Cultivating Stability

In this video blog, Margaret reminds us that stability and Health are always within us and that we can access them right now. Here, she takes us through an exercise to help connect us to an embodied feeling of stability using a simple...


What Does It Take to Change?

In this video blog, Margaret talks about the conditions that allow for change at a personal and societal level, as well as what could be holding us back and keeping us feeling stuck and static. What are the conditions that have allowed for change...


What Is Healing?

One of the most profound and transformative questions I have ever asked in my life is, “What is healing?” I’m still asking the question. For me, the answer is continually unfolding into endless complexity and, at the same time...


Changing the Past

But, you say, we can’t change the past. And I say, we can change our relationship to it. Hurt was caused at specific moments in time. Loss occurred because something happened. Years after a hurt, the specifics of what happened and who said or did...


Entering the Unknown

Many of us (maybe even most) are quite terrified of the unknown. Perhaps this fear has to do with a feeling of being out of control. After all, we have certain ideas and visions about how we want things to turn out. We often want to control the...


I Can’t Hear You

I am different. Truth is, that doesn’t make me special. We are all different from each other. We talk a lot these days about differences between people. We have wildly different opinions or information. People on one side think the other side is...

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