It is the object of a physician to find Health; anyone can find disease.
Andrew Taylor Still

Biodynamics is first and foremost an orientation to that which is always well and whole within us. Biodynamic practitioners know that this wholeness, which we commonly call “Health” or “Intelligence,” is dynamic and alive: a living presence within us and around us always. This aliveness is not just Intelligent but also capable of dialogue, timing and relationship. We were originally formed out of this field of alive Intelligence and continue to live in and be shaped by it every moment. Practitioners learn to perceive and support these deeper original forces of Health in ourselves and others, creating the conditions that allow for Health to flourish.

Biodynamics is also a way of being in relationship that is supportive, present and accepting of the whole person. Practitioners learn skills of presence, perception and neutrality that enable them to recognize the right combination of space and contact needed to meet a person’s story and work effectively with their conditions. Biodynamics does not deny or turn away from dis-ease; rather, it supports challenges by holding them within a larger field of Health. By holding both the “good” and “bad,” new possibilities, insights and healing can arise. Biodynamic practitioners support clients in learning to orient to the instinctual knowing of their innate Health and well-being. In so doing, clients build the capacity to hold the totality of their experience — not just the parts they want, but also the challenges that previously seemed impossible to overcome.

Dr. William Garner Sutherland, the father of craniosacral therapy, is well known for saying, “Allow physiologic function within to manifest its own unerring potency rather than apply a blind force from without.” Biodynamic practitioners learn to trust that the innate forces of Health — the potency — will come through and do the healing. When Biodynamic practitioners create the conditions that allow for greater expression of the underlying forces of Health and organization, the structure automatically responds through what has been termed the “inherent treatment plan.” It’s not in “doing” that these deeper therapeutic processes arise. It’s with a relationship to settling, slowing down, and stillness. Slowing down, both physiologically as well as psychologically, is an integral part of being able to re-align to the core levels of our being and to the core levels of Health.

In order to help clients orient to the forces of Health, Biodynamic practitioners must learn to orient to these same qualities and forces within and around themselves. There are countless practices which help us to continually come back to Health. Practitioners in our courses gradually build their capacity and skill through exercises and practices focusing on aspects of Health such as:

  • Slowing down, settling & stillness
  • Negotiated space & contact
  • Embodied awareness
  • Grounding & centering
  • Widening & deepening
  • Neutrality
  • Presence
  • Wholeness
  • Resonance
  • Receptivity

With knowing and intention and the capacity to rest in a slower place, Biodynamic practitioners guide clients to return to a place within themselves that is as old as the ground we stand on, that moves and has always moved with Intelligence and Purpose — a place that can be still and know, a place that has no urgency, and a time that doesn’t need to be remembered because it is and has always been whole.

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