Biodynamic Principles

Biodynamic Principles

**Special Note: This course fulfills the prerequisite requirement for our Nervous System Dynamics courseYou may pay for both courses as a bundle at a 12% discount.

About the Course

21 CEs

Biodynamics is about life, in all its dynamism and depth. In this course we will explore the principles the reliable and accessible principles that can support both client and practitioner to know themselves more deeply. Our exploration will be embodied and thoughtful, full of opportunities for insight, discovery and healing. What is important for practitioners of all modalities to learn is how to create the conditions for healing to occur. This course will travel that road well and you will gain tools that you can apply effectively in both personal and professional situations.

Did you know that the forces that can facilitate healing are the same forces that shaped you in your earliest days? Did you know that those forces are still actively shaping you right now? This knowing is at the core of Biodynamic understanding. Practitioners who can embody this knowing are able to facilitate phenomenal change. This course will introduce core  Biodynamic principles and create the conditions for you to embody them.  These principles are essential and intrinsic to health and healing.  At the School of Inner Health, the biodynamic paradigm is foundational and underlies our approach to all the courses we teach.

In this three-day (21-hour) professional development course, you will delve deeply into the theory of Biodynamics and learn why this word and the principles of healing and perception it references are essential tools to carry in your toolbox, regardless of your chosen profession. Biodynamics refers to the dynamic aliveness in all of life and the relationship between growth and transformation. In this Biodynamic Principles class, students will be introduced to the skills that build the perceptual ability to sense underlying life forces as well as how to amplify the health and capacity that is available. By studying biodynamic principles, professionals learn essential tools with which to recognize and support embodied aliveness in an individual or group. Each principle is taught through a combination of lecture, movement, meditation, and experiential hands-on learning. This course is perfect for you if you are an educator or supervisor looking to add depth and skill to your work that increases your effectiveness with students or colleagues. We also recommend this course for those with an interest in learning more about craniosacral therapy or working with trauma. Honestly, the skills taught in this class can enhance any professional or personal relationship or work environment.


In this Biodynamic Principles course, you will:

  • Learn experientially through hands-on work, exercises, and lecture in a relaxed, safe, supportive environment.
  • Learn how to recognize and amplify the inherent order in the
  • Deepen your perceptual skills, especially skills related to sensing in the body and recognizing changes in a person’s state.
  • Learn skills that will improve and deepen both professional and personal relationships.
  • Learn skills to sense and relate with the underlying forces essential to health and healing in order to increase the healing capacity in both group and one-on-one situations.
  • Learn about the three branches of the autonomic nervous system and the importance of recognizing which branch is amplified in an individual or group experience.

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7550 W. Yale Ave.
Denver, CO 80227

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Course Instructor

Margaret Rosenau
Owner / BCTA Approved Instructor

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