Biodynamic Craniosacral Certification Training – Grad 2024

Biodynamic Craniosacral Certification Training – Grad 2024


Craniosacral Biodynamics MODULES 2-10 – Grad 2024

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Craniosacral therapy is an elegant and effective system of healing based on the discoveries of Dr. William Sutherland. He found that there exists a subtle micro-movement in the body. The biodynamic paradigm, which underlies our approach to craniosacral therapy and all courses at the School of Inner Health, focuses on amplifying the inherent health and healing capacity of the system. In this training (700-hours), you’ll delve deeply into the core elements of the biodynamic approach to craniosacral therapy. In each module, you will learn and review aspects of the biodynamic paradigm and deepen your knowledge of craniosacral therapy. The training is taught in a layered fashion, exploring anatomical relationships between fluid, tissue, and bone. We focus on the relationships rather than structures or functions in isolation. In this training, you will:

  • Learn experientially through hand-on work, exercises, and lecture in a relaxed, safe, supportive environment
  • Deepen and expand your subtle, therapeutic, relational, and non-invasive palpation skills
  • Develop essential skills that enable you to track the human system in its expressions of health as well as patterns of resistance, imbalance, and disease.
  • Learn to palpate the three subtle craniosacral ordering rhythms and tides
  • Learn safe and effective approaches to a variety of human conditions
  • Explore in depth aspects of craniosacral therapy, including primary respiration, inherent Health, stillpoints, and the inherent treatment plan
  • Discover and experience how primary respiration generates and maintains function
  • Go in depth into the topics of the relational field, biodynamics, fluids, tissues, nervous system, embryology, the cranial system, and working with birth and death
  • Explore anatomical relationships between fluid, tissue, and bone
  • Discover how to palpate the formative forces of the human system
  • Learn to embody your awareness at a deeper level
  • Learn to palpate the difference between when an experience or symptom is held in stasis or inertia and when it is in relationship to its inherent Health, often called Dynamic Stillness
  • Learn to skillfully invite physical and emotional life experiences that have become isolated by pain, strain, disease or trauma to find their way back from isolation to wholeness
  • Work directly with the nervous system and learn to amplify the cerebral spinal fluid that bathes the spine and brain, supporting improved nervous system function.
  • Learn to support clients in transformation and personal growth.