Biodynamic Principles (21 hours)

Biodynamic Principles (21 hours)


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Did you know that the forces that can facilitate healing are the same forces that shaped you in your earliest days? Biodynamic principles are essential and intrinsic to health and healing. Practitioners who are aware of these principles and actively practice and embody them in their healing work are able to create the conditions necessary for transformational healing. In this three-day (21-hour) course, you will delve deeply into the biodynamic paradigm through an in-depth study and practice of each component of the theory. Each aspect is taught through lecture, movement, meditation, and experiential hands-on learning. In the course, you will:

  • Learn experientially through hands-on work, exercises, and lecture in a relaxed, safe, supportive environment
  • Deepen your perceptual, palpation, and embodiment skills in relation to the biodynamic forces
  • Learn skills that will improve and deepen relationships with clients as well as enhance your personal relationships
  • Learn skills to sense and relate with the underlying forces essential to health and healing in order to amplify the client’s healing capacity
  • Learn to appreciate and feel the inherent order in the client’s body while skillfully supporting the re-ordering of any disturbance, disorder, or imbalance
  • Palpate the subtle ordering rhythms of human system in its multiple expressions and recognize their effect on the Autonomic Nervous System and anatomical structures

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