3 day Biodynamic Principles


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Biodynamic  principles are essential and intrinsic to healing and health. Practitioners who are aware of these principles and actively practice and embody them in their healing work are able to create the conditions necessary for transformational healing.  

This is a three day (21-hour) course covering the theory of the Biodynamic Paradigm during which students undertake an in-depth study and practice of each component of the theory throughout the course. Each component is taught through lecture, movement, meditation, and experiential hands-on learning. Through experiential practice, students learn to deepen their perceptual,  palpation, and embodiment skills.  Upon completion of this course, students are better able to palpate the subtle ordering rhythms of human system in its multiple expressions and recognize their effect on the Autonomic Nervous System and anatomical structures.  All of this is done in a safe, authentic, and multidisciplinary learning environment.