An Ode to the Bird who Flies in my Head #2

Original Image Credit: @thinkosteopathy on Instagram / Edits by Elspeth Acosta

Ode to the bird who flies in my head
I’ve got more to say about her
She who we call sphenoid because of the wedge she wields
I’ve talked about how she flies
But haven’t yet spoken of how she yields
The ways she effects my gait from her perched place
How her legs help mine to stand
I’ve discovered this about her slowly
Through many visits over time
I want everyone to know
There’s a relationship between the bird legs in your head 
And the way your feet touch the ground
That’s true for all of us
All the way around.

Ode to the bird who flies in my head
She’s called the sphenoid 
Which comes from words meaning things like a wedge
Her legs they call pterygoid processes
Pterygoid comes from a word meaning wing like
And if you looked at them by themselves you might see 
Dragonfly wings drawn back or something like that
But we’re talking about legs below bird wings
Small legs that carry big things

Ode to the bird with legs who flies in my head
She’s alive and well unlike the pterodactyl
From whom the word pterygoid descends
Yet she carries ancient wisdom too
As all your bones do
A knowing you have all the way to your toes
Wisdom moving you right now
And holding you in place
Helping you to stand and take up space
Here to support you through success and strife
Over the course of your life

Ode to the bird with legs who flies in my head
It might seem like a fascial stretch
To relate the head to the heart
The bird to the love nest
But long before there was bone or heart
Way back
At the very start
Of the body you inhabit now
Your early heart
Sat upon your early brain
And then bowed down and folded in
To the place where you think it’s always been

And then after this bow
The bird in your head
She began to carry your heart somehow
Her ptyergoid processes are the anchors of a swing
From there fascial tracts make a road
That support your heart to rock and roll
Carry the beat and hold it steady
The way the bird who flies in your head
Cradles and rocks the pericardium 
The basket around your heart
Is a remarkable art.
Isn’t it good to know that your heart is in a basket?
One that supports you even when you don’t ask it?
It’s a team effort between brain and heart
Like it’s been from the very start!

Ode to the bird who flies in all our heads
She who can spread her wings in flight
And move through spaces that are tight
Her legs are strong enough to carry the heart
As she swoops back and forth with ease
The heart swings in her wing-inspired breeze

Ode to the bird who flies in all our heads
Some of whose stories you have heard
And many other beings we have yet to speak of
Equally intricate tools
In this human body of yours
Your very own bag of jewels
Life is SO cool!

©Margaret Rosenau, 2023