Sarah Kirton at Mystic Mag Interviews Margaret about School of Inner Health

Margaret is interviewed by Sarah Kirton of Mystic Mag

Here’s just a taste:

I quote: “I had access to something bigger running through the human body” – Could you elaborate?

Prior to discovering Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) I spent several months in India where I had many profound spiritual experiences that I also felt in my body and felt my body was changed by. When I first put my hands on someone in a Craniosacral class several years later, I felt that same energy, an intelligent aliveness, a sense of spirit embodied within human softness and physicality.

In your experience, are some people innately gifted with this ability – and is working in Craniosacral accessible to everybody?

We are all alive and we all have bodies – so the ability to sense bodies and aliveness are available to all of us. BCST brings us in touch with this innate aliveness in ourselves and others, as well as the places within and without that are not currently in contact with that aliveness. Sometimes our life stories or traumas can create distance from our deepest knowing and ability to perceive, and that can create challenges in perception and palpation. But with time, practice and support, the skills and awareness that Craniosacral Therapy holds are accessible to all.

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