Penny L. Heiple

A native of Boulder, Colorado, Penny comes to the School of Inner Health with a passion for integrating and applying unified science, integral philosophy, and biodynamic bodywork to health and healing. With her comprehensive background in business and finance, she brings a unique combination of heart and organizational expertise as the school’s Business Operations Manager.

Penny was first attracted to the biodynamic approach to healing because of its orientation toward what is whole, complete, and “right” with people rather than what is supposedly “wrong” with them. On a personal level, she found it transformational to be seen as whole and complete, and as someone who has an amazing ability to heal in ways she had never before dreamed possible. She feels honored to be working with the School of Inner Health where Biodynamics is woven into the very fabric of their core values and all that they do.

In addition to her work with the School of Inner Health, Penny offers healing sessions where she weaves together several different bodywork and energy modalities as well as relevant aspects of unified physics and integral philosophy. She is available to see individuals in person and also offers distance sessions for individuals and groups. Please visit her website for more information: