Supporting Babies in the Cranial Field

Supporting Babies in the Cranial Field


Supporting Babies in the Cranial Field

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The Supporting Babies in the Cranial Field course is designed as an embodied experience for established Craniosacral Therapists who are looking to build foundational skills specific to babies. Our intention will be to deepen our knowledge, expand our hands on skills and become confident navigating the multifaceted family field.

In this course participants will:

  • Explore why this work is so in demand right now
  • Gain hands-on treatment skills specific to babies
  • Become familiar with the anatomical structures relevant to working with babies
  • Navigate common birth echoes in themselves to be able to identify them in session
  • Hone their communication skills with parents, caregivers and other involved professionals
  • Build a strong foundation to specialize in working with babies and their families

By exploring the patterns of gestation and birth experiences in ourselves, we can become more present and understanding when they arise in our work. We will use felt sense experiences in learning the specialized anatomy of infants, navigating the birth experience and engaging the vulnerability of the transition to life outside the womb.

For babies and their families who are navigating these milestones, being met with embodied understanding and knowledgeable hands can have far reaching impacts for feeding, bonding and development. In this class we will discuss what these impacts look like and expand the knowledge we need to be really effective working with these experiences.

Craniosacral Therapy for babies and children is becoming more well known, in demand and recommend by main-stream medical providers. Currently, the need is outpacing the number of experienced, knowledgeable practitioners. This course is an introduction to this rich and rewarding field with hands-on skills you can immediately apply to your practice. We hope you take this foundation and join us in future for the advanced modules.