5-Day Neurodynamics (Nervous System Dynamics)


Neurodynamics 5 Day

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At the School of Inner Health, the biodynamic paradigm is foundational and underlies our approach to all the courses we teach, including this Neurodynamics (Nervous System Dynamics) course. In this five-day (35-hour) course, you will learn the basics of the biodynamic paradigm and apply the principles in your work with the autonomic nervous system. You will learn to track your own autonomic nervous system states as well as those of your clients. While touch skills are taught in this course, they are not the main focus. Rather, the focus is on deepening your biodynamic skills of embodiment and perception as well as learning to feel fluid dynamics as a way to track the nervous system. You will also learn valuable verbal skills not often taught in other programs. In this course, you will:

  • Learn experientially through hand-on work, exercises, and lecture in a relaxed, safe, supportive environment
  • Learn how to orient to and track your own nervous system states
  • Deepen your skills of embodiment and perception
  • Learn how to recognize, access, and amplify resources and resiliency
  • Learn to distinguish between blueprint (inherent order) and imprint (conditioned patterns and responses)
  • Gain an understanding and experience of the Window of Presence, including understanding the chemical components, recognizing when you are in or out of the window, and learning to recognize this in your clients
  • Deepen your perception of the fluid layer to enhance your ability to track nervous system states
  • Learn to track the subtleties of activation and settling in yourself and your clients

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