September Five Day Neurodynamics

September Five Day Neurodynamics

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This course is taught by Margaret Rosenau, owner of the School of Inner Health. Margaret developed the Nervous System Dynamics (Neurodynamics) course  in order to support trauma professionals who don’t or can’t combine bodywork with verbal skills. The course teaches students how to track their own bodies and autonomic nervous systems while supporting clients. While touch skills are taught, they are not the focus. Rather, the course focuses on deepening skills of embodiment and perception, and using fluid dynamics as a route to nervous system perception. Students gain increased ability to track precisely the subtleties of activation and settling in the moment.
The School of Inner Health offers this course as a stand-alone course. Prerequisites required. Nervous System Dynamics (Neurodynamics). Pre-requisite: Biodynamic Principles or 5 day introduction to Craniosacral Therapy or at least two years of experience working as in a professional capacity with the autonomic nervous system.
             Participants will learn:
             How to orient to and track their own nervous system states.
             How to recognize, access and amplify resources and resiliency.
             How to distinguish between blueprint and imprint.
             Understanding the Window of Presence, chemical components, how to recognize when   someone is in the window or out of the window.
Margaret Rosenau
Director / Craniosacral Intstructor

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635 Southpointe Court, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

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