5-Day Neurodynamics (Nervous System Dynamics)

5-Day Neurodynamics (Nervous System Dynamics)

About the Neurodynamics Course
35 CEs
If you’ve clicked on this page, you likely already know something about the nervous system, either from your personal experience or from professional training. Or both. This course is geared towards people like you who have some familiarity with the nervous system, and know that it plays an essential role in both health and disease. You  already know about the distinction between the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and the autonomic nervous system which has more automatic systemic functions controlling such things as heart rate and breathing.
This course is a good fit for you if you are a practicing psychotherapist or somatic therapist interested in deepening your skills and your effectiveness in working with traumatized clients. It is also appropriate for experienced bodyworkers (massage therapists, craniosacral therapists, energy medicine practitioners, etc.) interested in learning how to recognize and  work with trauma. If you are a member of NCBTMB, this class can be applied toward your continuing education requirements (35 CEs).
The five-day (35-hour) Neurodynamics  course, will teach the basics of the biodynamic paradigm, a foundational paradigm that underlies our approach to all School of Inner Health courses, and apply these principles to the autonomic nervous system. You will deepen your capacity to track the nuances of your own autonomic nervous system states as well as those of your clients. While touch skills are taught in this course, they are not the main focus. Rather, the focus is on deepening your biodynamic skills of embodiment and perception, including your ability to track nervous system states. In recent decades, thanks to the work of Stephen Porges, there is now an understanding that  the autonomic nervous system has three branches (parasympathetic, sympathetic and social). In this course you will learn skills for recognizing and working with each of these branches and provide students with skills to support each branch. Additionally, students will be introduced to the biodynamics of fluids and nerves and discover how awareness of this relationship can facilitate healing. Students will learn a variety of skills to support autonomic nervous system discharge and regulation, including valuable verbal skills you may not have been taught in other programs.
In this course, you will:
  • Learn experientially through hand-on work, exercises, and lecture in a relaxed, safe, supportive environment
  • Learn how to orient to and track your own nervous system states
  • Deepen your skills of embodiment and perception
  • Learn how to recognize, access, and amplify resources and resiliency in yourself and help your clients do the same
  • Learn to distinguish between blueprint (inherent order) and imprint (conditioned patterns and responses)
  • Gain a deeper understanding and embodied experience of the Window of Presence, including  recognizing when you are in or out of the window, and learning to better recognize this in your clients
  • Deepen your perception of the fluid layer to enhance your ability to track nuances of nervous system states
  • Learn how to better to track the subtleties of activation and settling in yourself and your clients
  • Learn and practice important verbal components in order to skillfully guide your traumatized clients
  • Gain a deeper capacity to recognize physiological cues that represent different nervous system states
  • Learn to recognize how and where someone is holding the story of their trauma in their body

Class Venue

7550 W. Yale Ave.
Suite B-204
Denver, CO  80227

Upcoming Class Dates

April 29-May 3, 2020

October 14-18, 2020

9:30am-6pm Wednesday-Saturday and 9am-1pm Sunday

Course Instructor

Margaret Rosenau
Owner / Craniosacral Instructor

**In order to take this course, you must meet at least one of the following pre-requisites:

  1. Complete the School of Inner Health’s 3-Day Biodynamic Principles course. You may purchase a bundle of the Biodynamic Principles course and the Neurodynamics course at a 12% discount HERE.
  2. Complete a 5-Day Introduction to Craniosacral Biodynamics course
  3. Complete at least the first module of a full Craniosacral Certification Training
  4. At least two years of experience working in a professional capacity with the autonomic nervous system / trauma

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