POSTPONED INDEFINITELY      – The Dynamics of Coherence –  Amplifying Resilience in the Autonomic Nervous System  –  Durham – April 2020

POSTPONED INDEFINITELY – The Dynamics of Coherence – Amplifying Resilience in the Autonomic Nervous System – Durham – April 2020

About the Course

A course for trauma and healing professionals who seek to increase their felt sense of the Autonomic Nervous System and its capacity to support resilience.

This body-oriented course will take a deep somatic dive into the nature of resilience and trauma and the physiology of fluids and nerves. Students will gain a felt sense understanding of both the autonomic nervous system and the resilient and wise fluids of the body.

The course will be taught biodynamically, oriented to the coherent, timeless intelligence within and around us. From a biodynamic perspective, our bodies, stories and choices are Intelligent.  Exploring trauma and the ANS through a Biodynamic lens is a reliable route to re-framing our past challenges and building resiliency.

This course  is designed for people without a lot of  experience using their hands to support the healing process. This course is perfect for Somatic Experiencing students or practitioners who want to deepen their hands-on skills. Exercises will include hands-on work, both seated and at tables. This course was created for  trauma professionals and those who work supporting people with acute or chronic trauma. This course will expand participants’ knowledge about the nature of trauma and the role of the autonomic nervous system in both remembering and resolving difficult experience. Class exercises and lectures will create opportunities for students to learn both about how the nervous system works and about their own nervous system and its challenges and strengths.

Course Content Includes:

The components of the Biodynamic Paradigm & Relational Field
The anatomy, physiology and Intelligence in each branch of the ANS
Fluid dynamics and the fluid field
Differentiating activation from potency within fluid
The nature of trauma and resiliency.
Reframing the Window of Tolerance: mapping blueprints and imprints
Recognition of Hyper/Hypo/Resourced ANS states

Class Venue

Shared Visions Retreat Center
(Old Murphey School)
3717 Old Murphey Rd.
Durham, NC 27705

Upcoming Class Dates

April 15-19, 2020

Course Instructor

Margaret Rosenau
Owner / Craniosacral Instructor

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