Craniosacral Biodynamics 2017 – 2019 – Open

Craniosacral Biodynamics 2017 – 2019 – Open

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About the Course

The course is taught in ten modules, five days each, about two months apart. Each module teaches and reviews aspects of the Biodynamic paradigm and deepens students’ knowledge of Craniosacral Therapy by teaching approaches to specific body areas and expressions of Health and illness.

Module one may be taken independently, but for certification purposes and in support of group dynamics and relationships, those desiring to complete the course and be eligible for RCST status should plan to take the ten modules concurrently.

Based on the discoveries of Dr. William Sutherland, Franklyn Sills and others who have brought the principles of an ancient “wisdom” into an elegant and effective system of healing. You’ll explore the core elements of the biodynamic approach learning subtle, therapeutic and non-invasive palpation skills. These essential skills enable you to track the human system in its expressions of Health as well as patterns of resistance.

  • Learn to palpate the three subtle ordering rhythms and tides
  • Learn safe and effective approaches to human conditions
  • Explore: Primary Respiration, Inherent Health, Stillpoints and the Inherent Treatment Plan
  • Discover how Primary Respiration generates and maintains function
  • Experience a relaxed learning style in a safe, supportive environment
  • Apply these skills immediately in your life or current practice

You’ll learn core elements of the biodynamic approach to healing, discovering relational, non-invasive therapeutic skills.

These essential skills will

Explore anatomical relationships between fluid, tissue and bone

Discover how to palpate the formative forces of the human system

Learn to embody your awareness at a deeper level



The Course is taught in a layered fashion, exploring anatomical relationships between fluid, tissue and bone and focusing on the relationships rather than structures or functions in isolation.

We have structured the course to reflect the development of the human body and its systems. We begin by learning to recognize and respond to formative energetic forces and the animate life force in our bodies which we call the Breath of Life. We then explore fluids, tissues, nervous system, embryology, bones and other aspects of the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

Margaret Rosenau
Director / Craniosacral Intstructor

Class Venue

635 Southpointe Court, Colorado Springs

Module 1 October 11-15, 2017      The Relational Field / Biodynamics
Module 1  December 6-10,2017   The Relational Field / Biodynamics
Module 2 February 7-11, 2018     Fluids
Module 3 April 11-15, 2018           Tissues
Module 4 June 6-10,2018              Nervous System
Module 5 September 12-16, 2018  Embryology, Spine
Module 6 November 14-18, 2018  Cranial and Pelvic Bones
Module 7 January 9-13, 2019         Face
Module 8 March 6-10, 2019            TMJ
Module 9 May 1-5, 2019                   Working with Birth and Death
Module 10 July 10-14, 2019 Graduation  Integration and Completion

Registration Cost

CSB 1 - CSB 10
$700per Module
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