In these uncertain times, we can cultivate certainty. When we are willing to know what we know, we will be less likely to be swayed by information we haven’t verified. With our internal compass as a guide, we can separate the wheat from the chaff, the distractions from the essential, the false from the true.

Photo by Kasturi Laxmi Mohit on Unsplash

We are living in an increasingly polarized and unsettled world. We must seek and find neutrality and stability inside ourselves first, and then be a beacon of the same in the world around us.

When we gift the world the certainty of our knowing instead of clinging to the superiority of our righteousness, we play an active role in facilitating change and growth.

Here are some tools / steps:

  1.  Focus on your knowing, not what you are told, but what you know. Grow that and feel it take root and enliven within you.
  2. Let your internal sense of certainty guide you.
  3. Plant the seeds of your knowing and water them. Grow your sanity and share it with others. Thin out the weeds of indifference or self-righteousness under your skin.
  4. Actively look for your own blind spots.
  5. Actively build the courage to call out another’s blind spots.
  6. Take responsibility for what you know. Remember you are not right because someone else is wrong. You are not good because someone else is bad, or better because someone else is worse.
  7. Never be so sure that you cannot accept being wrong.
  8. Recognize and admit when you are wrong.
  9. Taking responsibility opens doors. Dismissing or blaming shuts them. Choose to open doors.
  10. Don’t sell your truth or force others to buy it.
  11. Trust must be earned. Do not give it blindly or quickly.
  12. Be wary of anyone else who tells you what to believe or dismisses or insults what they do not want to be true.
  13. Remember you have no control over what another person does, only what you do.
  14. Stand in the strength of your own certainty. Amplify it.  Be the lighthouse instead of the fog.
  15. You are capable. Know that and act on it. Now.