Facebook reminded me that I made this video four years ago today. It amazes me to think about what was going on 4 months before the 2016 election and how much the world has changed — and stayed the same in regards to the killing of Black men and the privilege of White people — since then.

I have several half-finished blogs about how these same issues are affecting me today, July 11, 2020, and how the killing of George Floyd and the events of recent weeks have rocked my personal world. Every word in this video is still true for me. The fact that I haven’t kept making videos or public comments or used my access as a business owner to make the School of Inner Health more accessible to BIPOC folks, is on one level a result of privilege and priorities and the easy indifference of whiteness. I don’t have to share the privileges I have, but I can choose to look at them and take action. For me, now, I must do that, and the school must do that, because the world is ready and waiting and open in ways it wasn’t four years ago, and because for systemic change to occur, power must be shared and access must be granted.

— Margaret Rosenau, Director, School of Inner Health