There is a lot to be afraid of, like our impact on our planet and the unsustainability of our lifestyle. But being afraid of each other because of skin color, religion, belief or preference — that’s a distraction, and an intentional one.

So, my resolution this morning is to stand up to fear in myself and others through words, deeds and actions. I resolve to meet my fear of speaking up, of being ridiculed, of being misunderstood and even endangered. And along with this, I resolve to carve out more time for my own self-reflection, for as I learned long ago, fear amplifies when I engage with others who are afraid. I have been afraid of something because someone else was ,and then discovered once I was alone that I actually was not afraid. They were.

I would like to share that understanding and spread it like wildfire. As I was explaining to my daughter the other night when we were reading a book about a beautiful, gentle serpent that some people were afraid of and wanted to kill: “People have always been afraid of what they don’t understand.”

So I commit to spreading understanding, including what I understand about how fear works.

Anyone want to join me?

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