Happy New Year Everyone!!

New Year’s is a global period of orienting, a time to take stock, begin again, decide to do things differently, consider what has come before.

January 1st announces a new year in the Gregorian Calendar.

But that is not the only measure of time.

And it is not the only rhythm that our bodies know.




What have you always known?

Who have you always been?

What are you here to do?

Who are you now?

This last question was one my husband asked me several years ago, as we sat across from each other in a restaurant we had never been to before.

“What??” I asked, not too pleasantly.

“Well,” he continued, “When I was falling in love with you, I asked you so many questions, I wanted to know everything about you. But now, we’ve been together a few years, and I realize that I don’t ask you so many questions anymore. So tell me, who are you now?”

My heart melted and tears gathered at the corners of my eyes.

I loved the question. It both floored and silenced me.

I waited.

And I discovered when I began to speak that I had a lot to say.

And that my husband really did want to know.

We learned a lot about each other during that dinner.

In the years since, we have made a habit of asking each other this question, and it is always a point of reorienting for me, of getting to know myself more deeply in the moment. What is true for me now? How do I feel about who I am now?

In this moment of reorienting and setting our sights towards the coming year, I invite you to ask this question of yourself and to someone you care about.

Listen to what you hear. It may surprise you.

So much now exists in this world that was previously unimaginable.

What can you imagine for the world?

What are you called to bring forth?

As the calendar turns to 2018, may your hearts be full and your lives meaningful and connected. I send you blessings of courage and conviction, gentleness and kindness, truthfulness and generosity for 2018 – and beyond.


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